Leymonada m3a nana

Mint Lemonade: do it this July 4th…they do it best at the rooftop shiisha bar on Hamra street. I think I’ve had 3 of them, and they cost about 3,000LL each, so pretty cheap.
Crush a mint leaf or two at the bottom of a glass of homemade lemonade.

Oh, and for you anglophones out there, when i use the number 3 as a letter in the middle of a word, it’s not a missed keystroke, it’s the arabic ‘ayn…nearly impossible for a nonnative to say correctly.


2 Responses to “Leymonada m3a nana”

  1. 1 dan July 4, 2007 at 10:47 am

    i JUST NOW realized that the 3 sort of resembles a backwards ‘ayn. i never understood it. 7 is Haa, right? there’s something of a resemblance there, too.


  2. 2 Colin July 4, 2007 at 10:57 am

    yeah, 7 is Haa and i think 9 is Saad, although there are so many variations.
    Here’s something I got from WordReference
    2 = أ (glottal stop; otherwise transliterated as ‘ ) Example: سؤال (su2aal)
    3 = ع (guttural sound not found in many other languages; otherwise transliterated as ‘ ) Example: لعب (la3iba)
    3′ = غ (French and German “r”; otherwise transliterated as gh) Example: الغراب (al3’uraab)
    5 = خ (German or Scottich “ch”; otherwise transliterated as kh) Example: باخرة (baa5ira)
    6 = ط (hard “t” sound; otherwise transliterated as t or T) Example: وطواط (wi6waa6)
    6′ = ظ (hard version of the “th” sound in the English word “the”; otherwise transliterated as dh or DH) Example: أظهر (a6’hara)
    7 = ح (highly aspirated, guttural “h” sound; otherwise transliterated as h or H) Example: بحر (ba7r)
    7′ = خ (see above)
    8 = ق (guttural “k” sound; otherwise transliterated as q) Example: القارب (al8aarib)
    9 = ص (hard “s” sound; otherwise transliterated as s or S) Example: أصل (a9l)
    9′ = ض (hard “d” sound; otherwise transliterated as D or dh) Example: بيض (bay9′)
    9: = ق (see above)

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