Schedule and a few Pictures

zach and i at the al-ahly match

By request, here is an image of my Ramadan School schedule. This will only be my schedule for the next thirty days or so, and I’m glad.

I think the idea is that everything is pushed away from the middle of the day (the most difficult time for fasters who can’t drink water or eat) and the time around iftaar (the breaking of the fast, which depends on sunset).
ALNG 201: Intermediate Arabic

  • This class is going over a text I have already completed. I am probably going to enroll in private classes at a language school to supplement it. It never hurts to review things though, and I’m sure I don’t remember all of the vocabulary or grammar.

ECLT 411: History of Comparative Literature

  • I basically took this class so I could be challenged and to improve my academic writing. The professor seems knowledgeable, as do the students (which is odd for the Egyptian students). Right now we’re reading Plato’s “The Republic”, which is quite a task.

POLS 350: Political Economy

HIST 246: Survey of Arab History

  • Let’s just say that the entire first class was spent discussing a definition for “History”. This is going to be a long semester if I have this class for more than an hour two times a week. I’m going to do all the readings and some extra and try to make something out of a class I wouldn’t otherwise.

view from our balcony over Tahrir Square
view from our balcony over the Nile

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